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I am Luisa Anderson,
a Certified
Soul Realignment®
Practitioner and Chakra Energy Healer

Welcome to the haven for healing and transformation. 

If you've stumbled upon this little corner of the internet, you're likely on a path of healing and personal growth. So, kick off your shoes and stay a while.

Luisa Anderson Spiritual Life Coaching

Media & Collaborations

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What They're Saying...

Mandy Langevin, Mindset Reprogramming Coach

"Coach Luisa Anderson's Group Coaching at the Self-Love Lounge today was FIRE!"

Sabrina Victoria

Founder, Her Nation Magazine

"Luisa's debut article, "Chakra Balancing For Healthy Aging and Longevity," is an absolute game-changer, offering invaluable insights into holistic wellness and the power of chakra balancing."

Allison P. 

Soul Realignment® Client
"Today was truly life changing. THANK YOU."

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